Anglo card deck style for PokerTH

'Anglo' is a card deck style for the free, open source, cross platform Poker game PokerTH

Sony Ericsson bluetooth remote control profiles

These profiles are targeted at Sony Ericsson mobile phones which support bluetooth remote control function and come with a resolution of 240x320. All profiles have been tested on my Sony Ericsson K800i.

Creating bluetooth remote control profiles for Sony Ericsson mobile phones

Sony Ericsson has a nice software "Bluetooth remote control tool" to create remote control profiles.

Even though its very slow this tool can be run under linux using wine.


Many people still do not seem to know the power of Colinux - it allows running a full linux system under windows without the slow down of virtualisation by running the kernel itself as a Windows service.

Clearlooks theme for SE K800i

A Clearlooks inspired theme for Sony Ericsson K800i mobile phone.

Totem with toolbar at top

Since I dont like the special behavior of media players - especially totem - to place their toolbar at the bottom I created a user interface file for totem to place the toolbar at top as every other app does. This version is for totem 2.20.x - newer versions use a different ui system.

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