Many people still do not seem to know the power of Colinux - it allows running a full linux system under windows without the slow down of virtualisation by running the kernel itself as a Windows service.

Personally I do not run linux under Windows since my main operating system is linux. But when I played around with Colinux I experienced that it is the fastest and most powerful solution to run Linux apps under Windows.

An overview of the features of Colinux :
- No emulation, instead a full linux kernel itself will run as a service on Windows
- Full integration, can run individiual Linux apps as if it was a Windows app
- Full linux power by e.g. making available any file system supported by linux to Windows
- With a bit of work you can even use your native linux partition so that no second installation is required
- By using the right themes a unique look across all apps is possible ( Clearlooks for gtk and msstyles and qgtkstyle for KDE4 )

The only drawback right now is that Colinux only supports 32 bit Windows / Linux